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See what Dental Implants can do for you...

Dental implants can give you a whole new lease on life and the confidence you have been missing since you lost your teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, help stabilize a loose lower denture or replace all of your missing teeth with a fixed implant-supported bridge. The possibilities are numerous… Learn more about how you may benefit from having dental implants by visiting our ‘success stories’.

Full arch dental rehabilitation using All-on-4™

Tired of your loose full upper or lower dentures? Worried that you may not be able to have implant treatment because you don’t have enough jaw bone ? The All-on-4 treatment protocol may just be the solution you are looking for, giving you back fixed teeth for improved comfort and confidence. Don’t delay, contact us today for an assessment.

Immediate Implants - no more waiting

Improvements in dental implant design and materials as well as specialized surgical techniques have lead to shorter treatment times. For some patients, this means placing implants at the time of tooth removal and providing immediate teeth within just 1-3 days! With Immediate Implants you can start enjoying the benefits of dental implants much sooner.

Don't put up with loose dentures any longer...

Do your full dentures leave you frustrated? Are you unable to eat what you want? Are you worried that your dentures may embarrass you by dropping down or falling out when you are talking or laughing? Did you know as few as 2 dental implants can be used to secure your denture so you can put these worries behind you and get on with living your life!

Are you carrying around the silent killer of teeth around in your mouth?

Periodontal disease (Periodontitis) is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults and effects around 35% of the population. That means around 1.5 million New Zealanders are effected. Most will be completely unaware of the problem as the warning signs are subtle and are often ignored. If you have bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, moving teeth, red or tender gums you should have a gum health check immediately. Don’t delay, book your appointment with us today.

Is your gum infection putting you at risk of having a heart attack?

Untreated periodontal (gum) disease (Periodontitis) has been identified by the American Academy of Periodontology as a possible risk factor for cardiovascular disease. If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease and periodontal infection, you may be at a higher risk of a cardiac event such as a heart attack. Treating periodontal disease will help minimize your risk. Book your gum health check today.

Are you getting ‘long in the tooth’? Is a receding gum-line ruining your smile?

Gum recession is a very common problem that can lead to tooth sensitivity and an uneven gum-line. Receding gums can be regenerated using state-of-the-art periodontal plastic surgery techniques. This delicate and intricate procedure can be used to repair gum recession so you can smile with confidence and protect against further deterioration of the gums.

Congratulations on taking

Your first step towards better dental health

Welcome to the Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics. The Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics was established in Newmarket, Auckland by Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer, a registered specialist in dental implants and periodontic care.

Although no-one really likes visiting the dentist, we strive to make your visit with us as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. We strongly believe that your comfort is an important part of quality dental care. The practice philosophy is based around the fact that every patient has unique dental, periodontal and dental implant needs. Therefore, each patient receives a personalised treatment programme tailored to their specific needs, presented in a pleasant and caring environment.

In most cases the patients are referred to the Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics by their dentist. Generally we work as a team with your referring dentist, but a referral by a dentist is not required for a visit to our office. We welcome referrals from patients and friends of the practice as well as self-referral patients. For further information on our Dental Implant Network visit

We are extraordinarily proud of our staff, which is comprised of caring and dedicated professionals. They communicate well with the patients and each other, ensuring that the patient's surgical and administrative needs are met as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We are here to listen to your questions and concerns and to help you by providing state-of-the-art solutions leading to your better dental health.

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