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If you have lost teeth due to accidental injury you may be eligible to apply to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to assist with payment for treatment. We can explain to you how you may gain assistance from the ACC.

Presently, ACC policy allows you, the claimant, to apply for assistance for dental implant treatment. Dental implant treatment is generally divided into two phases - surgery and prosthetic (which relates to the crown that will be placed on the implant). Dental implant treatment under ACC requires a prior approval application which is lodged with the ACC for you, following your initial clinical/radiographic examination and consultation appointment (we will require a co-payment from you for the consultation appointment) and if approved, ACC will cover the full cost of the implant surgery ( the first part of your implant treatment) and will also make a part payment towards the provision of your final implant crown. A co-payment is typically required from the claimant for this latter part of the implant treatment. The co-payment can vary and we can help you to better understand your entitlements as they relate to your specific circumstances.

ACC have specific selection criteria and we will be happy to discuss these with you in more detail at your consultation appointment.

For further information visit the ACC website:

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