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Changing the way we practice

Surgery disinfection between patients with UV-C light.

To help further reduce risk, we have taken steps to change the way in which we deliver treatment. In particular we will be changing how we undertake treatment with the aim of reducing risk associated with aerosols. Most periodontal/ dental implant treatments can be managed with instrumentation that does not produce an aerosol. Where ultrasonic tooth cleaning or air-powder polishing needs to be undertaken, we practice strict Aeresol control with different suction devices both in the mouth and around the outside of the mouth making it safer for our patients.

Sterility and cleanliness of our dental surgeries between patients has always been something we have taken very seriously at the practice, particularly given that we are a surgical based specialist practice. 

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are now reducing the rate of room changeovers. Each surgery will be sterilised with UV-C light source to help manage any residual aerisol and suface contamincation followed by a full antiseptic wipe-down of all contact surfaces with both alcohol based antiseptics as well as antibacterial / antiviral disinfection, further elevating the level of sterility at the office for your safety and peace of mind.


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