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In 2017, the Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics was the first specialist periodontal practice to incorporate digital intra-oral scanning for our patients. This cutting edge technology is an alterative to using traditional mouth impressions with a mouth full of impression putty! A small 3D camera is inserted into the mouth and without touching the teeth, creates a HD, color surface scan of all the teeth and gums and your bite. The capture of the 3D image only take a few minutes and can be seen on the computer screen in real time. This 3D image can then be used to plan your implant treatment including the production of a surgical guide, which is printed using a 3D printer. The surgical guide is used to accurately position your dental implant(s) at the time of surgery, making your treatment safer and more accurate. The 3D surface scan can be blended with you 3D jaw bone scan to enable us to undertake "virtual' implant placement surgery, before your actual surgery. This technology enables us to identify and potential problem prior to your surgery. 




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