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Dexis OP 3D Pro- cone beam CT Radiographs

Key Features

  • The Dexis OP 3D Pro can take true digital panoramic x-ray of the teeth and jaws  on a single x-ray film.
  • Dexis OP 3D  Pro takes cross sectional views/scans of the jaw bone and is used for assessment prior to dental implant placement.
  • Computer controlled radiography with digital accuracy.
  • The latest x-ray equipment to help reduce x-ray exposure.
  • Providing optimal imaging for accurate assessment of your dentition and surrounding oral-facial structures. 
  • Digital x-rays allow for 3D rendering and can can be viewed in 3rd party surgical planning software. This allows the surgeon to undertake virtual surgery on the 3D imaging.
  • The institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics is one of the first Specialist dental practices in New Zealand to incorporate in-house Cone Beam CT imaging. This significant investment in technology benefits both patients and our surgeons by allowing for rapid and detailed assessment of important anatomical structures and accurate diagnosis of clinical problems.

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