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What is Sedation?

At the institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics your comfort is paramount to us. We offer two forms of sedation: Oral and Intravenous. During your initial consultation appointment, your general health will be assessed to help determine if sedation is appropriate for you. Sedation helps you to relax, making the treatment experience much more tolerable. Sedation is NOT a general anaesthetic and even though you are not technically asleep, patients will often feel sleepy while having treatment undertaken. Sedation also helps to reduce what you remember from you treatment appointment. It is typically used to calm patients receiving surgical treatments.

How can sedation help?

With sedation, patients find that their treatment is more far more comfortable than they might have thought. It has the effect of making you feel drowsy and unaware of the time passing by. During the entire appointment you will be monitored continually by our specially trained team of professionals. You will also need to have an escort to pick you up and take you home following sedation. You will not be able to drive a motor vehicle or leave the premises unassisted if you have had sedation as part of your treatment.


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