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Success Stories


Olivia "When I was told I was going to loose my few last remaining teeth I was devastated & worried about the future." Before After Olivia was determined not to have full dentures like...

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Ralph "I lost all my upper front teeth after an accidient some years ago and struggled since with my partial denture." Before After Ralph didn’t want his loose denture interfering with his active lifestyle Ralph...

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Kim "My new teeth completely transformed my life." Before After Kim’s journey towards a healthier, more confident smile Kim lost most of her upper teeth due to gum disease and severe tooth decay in her...

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Nick "I'm in sales… I need my smile to be big and confident." Before After Nick's Journey towards a winning smile Nick had lost his front tooth after getting a little to close to a...

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Ann "I wanted a long-term solution to replace my front teeth that had to be removed." Before After Ann's Journey towards a healthier smile Ann had always had problems with two of her upper front...

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Tim " ... I want to acknowledge the wonderful job Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics (IDIP), and most especially its principal, Michael Danesh-Meyer, did for me."   Before After                   For a number of years,...

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