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X-Guide Dynamic guided denTal implant surgery

The latest in digital tech for dental implant treatment - navigated surgery for dental implant placement using x-guide


How do we use X-Guide?

Navigated surgery X-Guide for dental implant placement is similar to  using a GPS whilst driving. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to translate the digital treatment planed on 3D CBCT scans in the computer directly to the patient´s mouth in real time with great precision.

How does the X-Guide process work?

The first step involves taking a 3D scan with a small plastic clip placed in the mouth. The 3D scan is used to undertake digital treatment planning and virtual implant surgery. This digital treatment plan is then transferred to the X-Guide unit. The X-Guide unit then guides the surgeon to place the dental implant in the exact planned position at the right angle and depth with great  accuracy.


How can our patients benefit from X-Guide?

The accuracy is the primary benefit of this new technology. It helps make implant surgery safer as we can better avoid possible injury of nerve, maxillary sinus , adjacent teeth and other anatomical structures. The other benefit for our patients is that surgery is quicker and more comfortable as it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. We no longer need to wait for the  fabrication of a surgical guide. With navigated surgery you can start surgery immediately without waiting. 

Why did we invest in this technology?

The Institute has always been at the forefront of technology to help us provide safer and more predictable dental treatments for our patients.  We have embraced a full digital workflow that allows us to plan our treatments in detail ahead of the actual surgery. This workflow also shows us the end result before the treatment starts, increasing patient satisfaction more predictable treatment outcomes. We want the very best for our patients, more precision, safer conditions, comfortable surgeries and better results resulting in long lasting dental treatments.

Do other clinics have this technology?

We are very proud to be the only clinic in Auckland to incorporate this system in our clinic.  

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