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Smile Makeover

Are your teeth looking short? Do you have a “gummy smile”? Is the shape of your gumline uneven? These are common problems that can really detract from your smile. You no longer have to put up with these problems as there are a number of specialised gum treatments that can dramatically enhance your smile. Using state-of-the-art instruments such as the Waterlase MD laser, perio-plastic surgery and digital treatment planning techniques we have transformed many smiles in what is commonly referred to as a “Smile Makeover”.

The ‘Smile Makeover” generally begins with a full assessment and provisional planning. It requires careful coordination between the specialist periodontist at the Institute of Dental Implants & Periodontics and your dentist or prosthodontist (Crown & Bridge Specialist). To get an optimal result a combination of gum treatment and either tooth crowns or veneers are used to help provide you with the smile you have always wanted. Check out some of the clinical cases below.

Gum-lift combined with Porcelain veneers on upper incisors


Case A - Pre-Treatment. Note uneven gum-line, gum- infection, spacing between the teeth.


Case A - New smile following gum lift (crown lengthening) and 4 porcelain veneers to help close the spacing between the teeth.


Case B- Pre-treatment 'gummy smile' with short looking upper incisor teeth.

Case B- 2 months following a 'Gum-lift' procedure, prior to venners.


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