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Implant Supported Overdenture

Are you bothered by loose dentures? Can't eat properly because your lower denture keeps moving around? Worried that your dentures will fall out and fly across the room next time you laugh? If these are the sorts of problems you are having you should seriously consider using dental implants to help secure your lower denture and say good-bye to the embarrassment of loose dentures. Lower dentures are particularly difficult for most patients and we can offer a relatively simple treatment where 2 implants are placed in the lower jaw and small attachment are then made to fit into the under-surface of your denture which connect to the implants. Age per say is no barrier for this type of treatment, don’t put up with loose dentures any longer, call today for a consultation appointment so we can further discuss how this treatment can change your life and give you back the comfort and confidence you deserve!

Diagram of a lower overdenture showing the dental implant attachments which secure the lower denture.

This picture shows the implant attachments forward in the lower jaw.

The lower denture has two locator attachments incorporated into the fitting surface of the denture to secure the denture in the mouth.


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